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Can I switch business broadband provider?

Posted on 25 July 2023 by Beaming Support

If you’re unhappy with your current business broadband, you might be looking at the possibility of changing your internet service provider (ISP). But research by Ofcom has shown that 43% of broadband users are put off switching ISP, as they think it will be too time-consuming.

In this article we’ll talk through the options you have for upgrading depending on the service you’re upgrading from, the service you’re upgrading to, as well as how to switch ISP during, and at the end of, your contract.


Keeping the same broadband service

Following the national stop-sell in September 2023, FTTC is no longer available for new orders. If you are currently using an FTTC product and want to switch providers, you will have to choose another product, for example SOGEA or FTTP. Your new provider will be able to support you in finding out what is currently available at your location and guide you through the switching process.

If you are currently using a fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband product, how simple the switch is will depend on your current provider. If you’re moving from two providers that use the Openreach network (from BT to Beaming, for example) this is as easy as switching home broadband providers.

There will be minimal downtime and your new provider should be able to manage the switch to minimise any disruption. There shouldn’t be any additional fees or installation costs. No new line needs to be laid.

If an Alt Net is providing the FTTP at your business location you may be able to switch to a provider using the Openreach network. But that depends on Openreach having brought FTTP to your area already. Again, it may not be as simple for the new provider to manage the switch. You should liaise with the new provider to plan ahead to minimise disruption.

Business-only ISPs know the importance of constant connectivity to businesses, so should do everything possible to minimise disruption – Ofcom rules state you shouldn’t be without service for more than one working day.


Upgrading to a new broadband technology

If you are happy with your current provider, but the capability of the technology you are using simply isn’t enough to meet your business’s requirements, you may be considering upgrading your service.

If you’re currently using superfast FTTC broadband, the next ‘step up’ in terms of capability and price is Ultrafast Fibre To The Premises (FTTP). This uses purely fibreoptic cabling, including from the green cabinet to your premises, so speeds aren’t hindered by traditional copper cables. Switching to FTTP will involve an Openreach engineer accessing your property and installing a fibre junction box and an ONT, with the lead time currently being 15-20 working days from ordering to installation.

If you already have FTTP, but your business heavily relies on reliable connectivity and consistently high speeds, you would look to move to a fibre optic leased line. Leased lines are dedicated and uncontended connections, so you’re not competing for bandwidth, and can achieve fully synchronous upload and download speeds. Installing a leased line can take anywhere from 30 days to a number of months, depending on the engineering works needed to get the line to your premises.

Switching broadband provider once your contract ends


If your contract is about to end, or has already ended, it may have prompted you to look at alternative options for your broadband provider. You might feel that you’re not getting value for money, or the customer service you’re receiving is sub-par.

If you want more from your business broadband, but the technology you are using is appropriate for your needs, another option is to switch providers – specifically, upgrading to a business-only ISP.

Switching to a specialist ISP brings with it many benefits, from the use of a network built for business, to helpdesk expertise from skilled technicians. Learn more about the benefits of using a specialist ISP for your business here.

If your contract is coming to an end, or you’ve moved onto a rolling month-to-month deal, switching should be a straightforward process.

It’s important to note – if you are still in contract but still decide to move, you will be liable to pay early termination charges.


Switching broadband providers because you’re not happy with their service


Business providers will include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – contracts which detail the service level (speed, downtime, fault fix times and more) that the ISP is obligated to meet. If your broadband provider is unable to act in accordance with the SLA you have in place, then you will be entitled to compensation which reflects the impact of a loss of connectivity to your business.

There might be other reasons you’re looking to switch provider, that are outside of the scope of your SLA. A one-size-fits-all deal might mean you’re paying for more than you truly need, or convoluted billing might be wasting your accounts team’s time. Being passed around call centres explaining your issue repeatedly, and speaking to advisors (or even an AI ‘chatbot’) who don’t understand your business can be a frustrating waste of time.  Again, it’s always best to contact your provider first to express your dissatisfaction and to see if there’s anything they can do to improve your experience, before going down the route of early termination and the associated charges. But, if you feel that the standard of service you are receiving is ultimately costing your business money, it’s important to weigh the cost of early termination fees against the cost of poor service to your business.



There are multiple ways in which you can upgrade your business broadband – from technology to service levels. A good provider will help you choose the best option for your business. Beaming is a business-only ISP, and we’ve built our own network to help companies like yours to stay connected.

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