Increase the bandwidth on a Cisco switch

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Combining 2 Switch ports together to increase bandwidth

Posted on 25 June 2019 by Beaming Support

On a Cisco switch you are able to combine 2 switch ports together to increase the bandwidth. Please see our topology below.

Combining 2 Switch ports together to increase bandwidth

The configuration is fairly straight forward, see the configuration for SW1 below.

SW1# conf t

SW1(config)# int range fastethernet 0/1 – 2

SW1(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode active

By entering the above command this will then bundle the 2 fast ethernet interfaces together to increase the bandwidth to 200mpbs.

From here you will then be able to manage the channel group via the interface “port-channel 1” which is automatically created when you enter the “channel-group  1“ command.

On SW2

We will make the same configuration changes, please see the below.

SW2# conf t

SW2(config)# int range fastethernet 0/1 – 2

SW2(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode active

From here you should then see the interface “port-channel 1” come in at 200mpbs.

Managed networks

When it comes to private wide area networks and business continuity services, a “set it and leave it” approach just doesn’t cut the mustard.