How to optimise your network for your EPOS system

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EPOS system not working: How to improve connectivity

Posted on 13 November 2023 by Beaming Support

Any business that uses an EPOS system knows how crucial it is that the system is free from drop-outs and interruptions. As a business-only ISP, Beaming deals with many customers that rely on their EPOS systems working seamlessly.  

This article will look at how to fix common EPOS issues, as well as how to optimize your network for the best EPOS performance.


Common EPOS issues and how to fix them


Common EPOS issues include signal drop outs, slow loading times, freezes and crashes – all of which interrupt your business.

It’s common for EPOS systems, particularly in busy kitchens and hospitality venues, to suffer from wear and tear at a much faster rate than usual. Heat, oil, and general debris from food can all interrupt the proper functioning of devices, and cause issues.

If your EPOS system isn’t working, there are a few things to check:


Restart the device

This may sound like an IT cliché, but ‘turning it off and on again’ is an easy place to start. Sometimes, processes in software gets stuck, and restarting the device helps to clear these blockages.



Are all the cables plugged in properly? Equipment can get moved, making cables loose, which in turn can cause your EPOS system to appear faulty.



Does your system show that you are connected to WiFi? If so, check other devices on the network and see if they are able to connect, too. Check that all the lights on your router show it is operating as it should.


Proximity to the router

How far away is your system from your WiFi router? Sometimes, interruption in terms of walls or the presence other devices might weaken the strength of your connection, leading to more frequent dropouts.


Software updates

Are there any software updates available to perform on your system? Performing regular updates not only ensures your devices run smoothly, but also frequently come with important security patches/updates.


If you have tried the fixes above, but find your system is still dropping out, it might be worth seeing if you share the WiFi connection that your EPOS system relies on, with your customers. Not only is this a possible reason for frequent drop-outs, but it is also a security risk for your entire EPOS system.

We recommend creating a guest WiFi on your router, which your ISP will be able to do for you, to keep your business devices separate.


If the issues still persist after these checks, contact your EPOS system provider.


How to optimize your network for your EPOS system


Speak to your ISP, who will be able to help optimise your network for your EPOS system. They can:


  • Prioritise your traffic. By creating a guest network, not only can your ISP ensure that your own systems and devices are prioritised, but they can also ensure that bad actors can’t pose a cybersecurity risk by connecting to the same network your systems operate on.


  • Increase your speeds. If you’re looking for faster speeds, your ISP may suggest upgrading your network, e.g. from an ASDL connection to an FTTP connection.


  • Upgrade your hardware. In some cases, you may benefit from upgrading your hardware – but this won’t be appropriate for every organisation. For larger organisations or those with a vast number of devices connected to their network, upgrading to a business-grade router may help to ensure your network benefits from extra scalability, and security.


Our top recommendation

If you’re struggling with the connectivity of your EPOS system, get your ISP to speak with your EPOS provider. When dealing with two (or more) providers it can be easy to end up caught in the middle, with neither side taking ownership of your issues. Any good ISP should be more than happy to discuss issues directly with your EPOS provider, to help resolve the issue and save time for everyone involved.


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