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How do I access the Beaming spam filter/email quarantine

Posted on 18 September 2015 by Beaming Support

Instructions on how to access the Beaming spam filter/email quarantine

To access the Beaming spam filter, please visit Beaming’s SPAM filter interface.

Login using your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password then please email together with your account number and we will reset it for you.

Upon logging in you will see a list of all emails that have been captured by the junk email filters, sorted in date order.

If you have any legitimate emails then simply put a tick in the box, scroll to the bottom and press send. When you are sure that you have no further valid emails then you may click CHECK ALL and then DELETE. However, any remaining junk emails will automatically be deleted after 10 days of their arrival so this is purely optional.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Once you have clicked on deliver and send, all future emails from this email address will be deemed trusted. They will then bypass the filtering software completely. At this stage it is not possible to block the address again so please only release emails that you definitely trust.