How do I present my office number on my mobile so I don’t look like a Ghost Broker?

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How do I avoid looking like a Ghost Broker?

Posted on 17 December 2021 by Beaming Support

What is a Ghost Broker?

You may not have heard the term ‘Ghost Broker’ yet, but more and more people are falling victim to them. The term refers to someone posing as an insurance broker and selling fraudulent policies to people looking to save money on their insurance. Victims have usually bought what they thought was cheap car insurance that had been promoted to them on social media.

The unbeatable rates draw people in, but when a time comes that they need to claim on their insurance, no policy exists. Some even find themselves in trouble with the police for driving without insurance and subject to fines on top of the cost of buying a new legitimate policy.

As this practice is becoming more widely known, consumers are being advised on what steps to take to avoid becoming a victim. The recommendations include avoiding brokers that are exclusively using a mobile number rather than a business number or landline and also avoiding those that use free email accounts rather than having a business email address.

But how do legitimate businesses avoid appearing as a Ghost Broker?

Many legitimate and trustworthy insurance companies have resorted to using their mobile phones in recent years when the pandemic forced staff to work from home away from the office phone system. However, this practice is not the ideal solution if companies want to gain the trust of new and potential customers, who may now steer clear of phone calls originating from mobile numbers.

But while it may not be an option to be in the office to make calls, thanks to cloud-phone technology, it is possible to use your known and trusted business phone number from wherever you are working.

The BeamRing User Plus licence provides all the options of an in-office desk phone, including call forwarding and hunt groups, without needing to have a desk phone at all. You can make or take calls from your laptop with the BeamRing soft phone and from your smartphone on the BeamRing App.

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