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What is my public IP address?

Posted on 21 August 2012 by Beaming Support

Instructions for finding your public IP address

For the most part, you probably won’t need to know what your IP address is,  but if you need to know “what is my public IP address?” (also referred to as a static IP or fixed IP address), you can find out by visiting:

This page will also display your reverse DNS record (also referred to as a DNS PTR record).

This IP address is the address that your computer and network devices present to the outside world. For the majority of small business and home user broadband connections this will be the address that is Network Address Translated (NAT) to your internal IP subnet.  Your public IP address is just that; public, but it cannot be used to identify you by name or address, so that’s nothing to be concerned about. Public IP addresses can be statically or dynamically assigned, the latter meaning that from time to time your public IP address will change, e.g. when your router is rebooted. If you are unsure then you should speak to your IT Support or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

All Beaming connections have a static public IP address as default.


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