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How do I set up 3-way Calling?

Posted on 18 September 2015 by Beaming Support

This service is available as standard on all Beaming single telephone lines, on a pay per use basis. A fixed monthly rental charge is available for this service upon request. This service is not available for Multi-lines.

The service allows Beaming customers to speak to two other people at the same time even if one of them is abroad. The customer can include or exclude either party at any time during the call.


Setting up

  • Dial first number and wait for the called party to answer.
  • Press RECALL
  • Wait for dial tone then dial second number and await for the second party to answer
  • Press RECALL + 3

To talk to two callers separately, press 2 instead of 3 when the second call answers. If you want to switch between the two callers, press RECALL, wait for the dial tone, then press 2.

Ending the call

Simply hang up

Ending the first call only


Ending the second call only


The Pay per Use service costs 50p per use plus the cost of the telephone call(s).

NOTE: Call Waiting does not function when a Three–Way call is in operation.

NOTE: Three Way Calling Pay per Use is only available on Beaming single lines. Customers require a touchtone phone with a Recall button (Time Break Recall) in order to benefit from the service.

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