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How do I setup ‘Call Barring – Outgoing Calls’?

Posted on 18 September 2015 by Beaming Support

Outgoing Call Barring (OCB) is set up using a touch tone phone by pressing the key pad sequences outlined below.

For Single Lines

  • Barring outgoing calls * 3 4 code #
  • Cancelling # 3 4 code * PIN #
  • Checking OCB * # 3 4 #

For Multi-lines Lines

  • Barring outgoing calls * 3 5 code * PIN #
  • Cancelling # 3 5 code * PIN #
  • Checking OCB * # 3 5 #

The codes and functionality are as follows:

  1. Bars almost all calls including 1571, cancelling this option automatically cancels any other barring options.
  2. Bars national and international calls and calls to mobiles.
  3. Bars international calls.
  4. Bars all operator-connected calls and SMS calls.
  5. Bars calls to numbers with * or # in them.
  6. Not currently used.
  7. Bars all Premium Rate calls.

Note: The barring options depend on the type of telephone exchange the Customer is connected to. Most customers connected to a System X or 21CN exchange will receive barring codes exactly as described above. Customers connected to an older AXE10 telephone exchange will not receive an individual barring code 7 for Premium Rate calls. Instead, barring codes 2 or 3 will support Premium Rate barring (in addition to the call types shown in the list above).

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