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How to join a Microsoft Teams meeting if link is sent from within Remote Desktop

Posted on 25 May 2022 by Beaming Support

This blog is a quick guide for those who need to access Microsoft Teams within a Remote Desktop. When a user is sent a Teams invitation, accepts it and then tries to join from within a Remote Desktop Environment, this may not perform well, if at all, due to redirection of Camera’s and Microphones.

The best way to join the Teams meeting is from outside of the Remote Desktop Environment, but, if the link is clicked and you attempt to copy and paste the link to outside of the Remote Desktop, the following solution will help.


The way to resolve this is to ensure that you right-click on the invitation from within the Remote Desktop environment and click “Copy”, then paste this into your browser on your local PC, this will work. The difference being, you have not clicked the link in the Remote Desktop and are not copying the link from a browser window, but are instead copying the link directly from the invitation.

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