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Configuring basic VTP on CISCO Switches

Posted on 7 September 2012 by Beaming Support

Instructions for configuring basic VTP on CISCO Switches

Requires: At least 2 x CISCO Switches

NB: This document requires a native and trunking VLAN between the switches in order for VTP to propagate across switches.

Step 1 – Creating a VTP Server

VTP has the following 3 different modes:

Server – Gives the switch the ability to create, modify and delete VLANs.

Client – This mode allows the switch assigned to participate in VTP and receive updates.  You will not be able to create, modify or delete VLANs on a switch defined in Client mode.

Transparent – The assigned switch will ignore all VTP advertisements and you will be able to modify the switches VLANs

VTP Server Mode is set with the following commands in configuration mode :

vtp mode server (Sets the switch to server mode)

vtp domain test (Defines the VTP domain, all switches in the domain will receive these VTP updates.)

vtp password  testpassword (Secures VTP advertisements to a matching domain and password)

Step 2 – Configuring a switch as a VTP client.

Enter configuration mode and use the following commands to enable client mode.

vtp mode client

vtp domain test

vtp password testpassword


Step 3 – Configure native and trunking VLAN.

Apply the following commands to the switchports that interconnect the switches.

interface range gigabit 0/0

switchport mode trunk

no shutdown

Step 4 Testing VTP

Create the following test VLANS on the VTP server in configuration mode

vlan 15


vlan 16



On the client switch check the VTP advertisement has propagated by entering the following command

show vlan brief

If VTP has been successful then you should expect to see the following results:

Show VLAN Brief: 15 TESTLAN active 16 WIRELSS active

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