Should I install the latest Windows update?

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Why are Windows updates important?

Posted on 19 September 2023 by Beaming Support

Having the latest updates installed on your computer means that the computer will be stable and secure. Downloadable updates include the latest features, security changes and bug fixes.

How can I tell if my computer needs updating?

Go to the ‘Start menu’, click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Updates & Security’. You can manually run a check for updates by clicking ‘Check for updates’. When using a PC for the first time, or after a reset, it is important to perform this update check as part of the setting up process.

Sometimes you will be prompted to install the update or even restart the computer entirely. This is why it is recommended that you restart your PC occasionally – this will allow the computer to check for, and install, updates.


Other checks to perform

An important check that you can perform is within ‘Update history’. Here, you can see whether there are repeated failed updates. This may indicate that there is something wrong which needs addressing. If this is the case and there are multiple failed updates, your computer may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. For example, if you have missed the latest Windows Antivirus update, which included a recent fix to stop a particular attack, then you may be susceptible to that specific attack.


Can I update if I am using a work device?

Many businesses’ IT department roll out updates via the GPO (Group Policy Object), meaning that updates will be forced upon the users. Sometimes the updates are applied without the user knowing, and sometimes the user will need to restart the computer via a prompt. This is very useful for larger companies with hundreds of staff, as it would be impossible for the IT department to keep track of all the users who are up-to-date.


Is there any reason I shouldn’t install the update?

For advanced users, you can remove updates; this is useful for returning to a previous build of the PC. A reason for doing this is that sometimes specific software may not be compatible with the current updates. However, a quick update of the software usually fixes this.

Update patches and service packs are constantly being rolled out to Microsoft’s users due to the unrelenting attacks which cyber criminals carry out, often in complex and surprising ways.


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