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Corps Security finds perfect match with ProtectNet from Beaming

As the leading supplier of specialist security solutions, Corps Security, needed to engage with a company to supply broadband connections who understood the importance of maintaining optimum levels of security at all times.

With a full and comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of the security industry, niche broadband provider Beaming was the logical choice.

Corps Security have successfully worked for a number of years with Beaming, whose products and services assist Corps in the smooth introduction of new clients to their services, along with the design of appropriate connectivity when developing new products, helping Corps to provide an additional level of security and efficiency.

Beaming launched ProtectNet to address issues regularly experienced by the security sector, such as the problems which an unstable or unreliable connection may cause to CCTV cameras and Alarm Receiving Centres which require “always on” connectivity, or the security risks associated with off-site third parties accessing the network remotely.

Managing Director of Beaming, Sonia Blizzard, explains: “Remote access for companies such as Corps Security is vital to the successful running of their services, however it is imperative that security is not jeopardised or data and confidential information exposed to external sources. ProtectNet has been developed to tackle these issues by ensuring internet maintenance does not affect service delivery, as well as ensuring that only authorised staff can access the network. This eliminates risk so data integrity is never compromised, no matter where employees access the network from.”

“The ProtectNet solution has allowed us to offer a level of security to clients which goes above and beyond the usual monitoring services.”

Bill MacGregor, Director, Corps Security

Director, Bill MacGregor said: “The ProtectNet solution has allowed us to offer a level of security to clients which goes above and beyond the usual monitoring services, whether for intrusion detection, CCTV or access control. This enhances our reputation as an independent provider of security installers, and with Beaming as our connectivity partner, the safety of our customers and their property is assured”.

The ProtectNet system is available from Beaming along with other bespoke solutions for resilient connectivity and improved business performance and security.

ProtectNet offers network security

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About Corps Security Established 155 years ago, Corps Security has an impressive reputation and is one of the most respected commercial suppliers of security services which operates from all major cities throughout the UK. Corps offers its customers a wide range of specialist security services which cover every aspect of threat reduction and business protection.

The Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) provides electronic security services from its National Security Inspectorate, BS5979 & BS8418 accredited control room which regarded as one of the leading RVRC and ARC’s in the UK.

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