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With flexible working becoming increasingly common, businesses are faced with the prospect of opening their network up to employees based in varying locations, but allowing remote system access can come with a host of associated risks and concerns.

Specially developed for secure remote working, ProtectNet allows easy remote access to your network without compromising on security.

Why install a homeworker network?

  • ProtectNet prevents unauthorised access to company data.
  • Each worker will be benefiting from a dedicated connection just for their work, without having to share with other household members.
  • Each broadband connection will be a quality business connection, designed for using all work application.
  • Beaming’s expert technicians monitor the network to ensure uptime is maintained.
  • Easy to set up: We provide plug and play equipment to remote workers.
  • Scalable: Easily add more connections as your remote working team expands.

What is ProtectNet?

ProtectNet provides a secure, fast and reliable method of transmission to one or many remote locations and is set up so that only authorised staff can access the network remotely, without jeopardising security or exposing data to anyone outside of the organisation.

ProtectNet for Homeworkers

With each remote location connected to your secure ProtectNet private cloud using Beaming’s own secure connectivity, you can rest assured that your business network is kept entirely separate from your employees’ personal internet activities.

By keeping everything under the Beaming umbrella, you know that your equipment and configuration will keep everything running as smoothly as it does on your on-premise systems, and ensure that your data is never exposed to third parties.

Set your home workers up for success

Beaming has a no robots policy, so expect a friendly human to be in touch within one working day to discuss the best and most secure way to keep remote workers connected.


Why Beaming?

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Steadfast Security

With ISO:27001 accreditation behind us, you can be sure that we have the knowledge to keep your business data safe, backed up by the best software and hardware for the job.

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Superb Service

Support when you need it from our friendly help desk, they never read from scripts and are skilled to help you straight away.

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Built for Business

Our network is built by us for business so performance and stability are our main concerns. We only use the best technology and our networks are monitored 24/7/365.


Find out the answers to some commonly asked Homeworker ProtectNet questions:

Beaming support you to work seamlessly, whether at home or in the office

Fully remote, office-based or a hybrid?

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