ProtectNet is a private dedicated network for the security sector. It guarantees a secure, fast and reliable method of transmission to one or many remote locations, and it has been designed to tackle some of the many issues encountered by the security sector when it comes to accessing information remotely.


Not only do connections between CCTV cameras and Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) need to be reliable and secure at all times, often third parties who are based off site – such as alarm installers and equipment manufacturers – may need to access the network remotely.

Opening up the network historically could have meant exposure to external threats. This called for a solution to provide security companies with the peace of mind that their network was safe and it was only being accessed by authorised personnel.

Beaming, as experts in IP connectivity, has developed this service in partnership with customers to ensure that they can access devices safely. ProtectNet is set up so that only authorised staff can access the network remotely, without jeopardising any security or exposing any data to anyone outside of the organisation.

This solution has been hatched from many years’ experience of working with the security sector to enhance the safety of the products which they offer to their own customers.

For those who require an extra level of security take a look at ProtectNet Plus.

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