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Customers expect a connection that’s fast and easy to use, while customer-facing staff don’t need the extra hassle that comes with WiFi problems. Let us take it out of your hands.

What is cloud WiFi?

With Beaming’s cloud WiFi, all the hardware you need to keep your public WiFi up and running lives on site at your business premises, but the service is managed and hosted off-site by us. This keeps your public WiFi service secure and separate from your main business network and means that if you ever encounter a problem or need to make changes, all you’ll have to do is pick up the phone and call us. We’ll take over from there (no more turning it off and back on on again with your fingers crossed!).

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Give us a call on 0800 082 2868 or complete the form below. Beaming has a no robots policy, so expect a friendly human to be in touch within one working day.

A happy customer

A managed WiFi system is just one of the services we support the De La Warr pavilion with to modernise their customer experience

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De La Warr Pavilion

‘Est. 1935. Modern ever since’ is the tagline of this cultural centre, but much work was needed to ensure that promise is upheld in our hyperconnected age.

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