We go the extra mile for our partners — it’s a two–way thing.

IT companies who recommend data connectivity and telephony services to their own clients depend on their provider to deliver a good service. It’s a professional relationship that revolves around trust.

We take the relationship seriously. It’s a shared, long-term responsibility.

Our IT company customers have come to expect from us a really personalised service that includes hassle–free service migration, solid customer support and good communication.

We deal directly with their customers as we do our own: honestly, helpfully and efficiently and the Beaming team is happy to speak directly to them if there is a problem. And by keeping our partners in the loop on the latest technology, they in turn keep their customers well informed and up to date.

If there is a connectivity problem, our system automatically alerts us and we let IT companies know – we pride ourselves on our rapid response. Beaming resolves the problem with minimal inconvenience to the customer. Our reputation is at stake too.

Our IT partners trust us to deliver, manage and advise on connectivity matters. We have many years of specialist knowledge to share. As an IT company that recommends our services, that can only make you look good.