These days, digital literacy starts as soon as you can swipe a screen. And new technology is continually changing the rules. That’s why Beaming offers a range of voice and data products to ensure that schools have the right resources for their pupils.

With nursery school children able to get online, there’s no doubt that digital education is the way forward. So having a reliable, high-speed and secure network is more important than ever.

Nurseries, schools, academies and colleges: all educational establishments can benefit from our expertise. From supplying just a simple broadband connection and telephone line, right through to installing entire private managed networks.

And, with your internet hungry students in mind, our high-capacity services offers bandwidths of up to 1Gbps and beyond. This capacity is enough to handle your bespoke applications, video streaming and to transfer high volumes of data across your locations, which is great for schools in academy chains. The benefits of this kind of improved connectivity can definitely be felt by pupils and teaching staff, but they also meet the requirements of school business managers.

To build a picture of your unique needs, we’ll carry out a full assessment of your location, budget and requirements. Then our friendly and efficient team can recommend the right connection type. We can also advise on how to make your data as secure as possible. Yes, we know that security is important to you. And that’s why we’re ISO27001 certified. But that’s not all. We also offer capacity planning, to enable your connectivity to keep pace with future changes in technology.