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BeamRing User licences – full list of features 

BeamRing User

BeamRing User Plus

Alternate Numbers with Distinctive Ring Yes Yes
Anonymous Call Rejection Yes Yes
Business Continuity Yes Yes
Call Forwarding Always/Busy/No Reply Yes Yes
Call Forwarding Selective Yes Yes
Call History Yes Yes
Call Hold & Resume Yes Yes
Call Logs with Click to Dial Yes Yes
Call Notify Yes Yes
Call Queue Agent Yes Yes
Call Redial Yes Yes
Call Return Yes Yes
Call Transfer (Attended & Blind) Yes Yes
Call Waiting for up to 4 calls Yes Yes
Call Waiting ID Yes Yes
Directed Call Pickup Yes Yes
Do Not Disturb Yes Yes
Enterprise Phone Directory Yes Yes
Extension Dialling, Variable Length Yes Yes
Inbound Caller ID (Name & Number) Yes Yes
Inbound Fax to Email Yes Yes
Main Number Outbound Caller ID Yes Yes
Multiple Line Appearance Yes Yes
Outbound Caller ID Blocking Yes Yes
Personal Phone Directory Yes Yes
Privacy Yes Yes
Selective Call Acceptance Yes Yes
Selective Call Rejection Yes Yes
Sequential Ring Yes Yes
Three-way Calling Yes Yes
Unified Messaging Yes Yes
User Web Portal Yes Yes
Video (Point to Point) Yes Yes
Voicemail Yes Yes
Busy Lamp Monitoring Yes
Call Forwarding Selective Yes
Executive  / Executive Assistant Yes
Mobility Yes
Office Anywhere / Remote Office Yes
Priority Alert Yes
Push to Talk Yes
Shared Call Appearance Yes
Simultaneous Ring Yes

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