Four activities to replace the commute

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How to make the most of your ‘commute’

The commute. For more than half of people in the UK today, what was once a journey that spanned A-roads, train platforms and bus terminals, now stretches no further from their beds to a home office, spare room or dining table.

But just because you no longer have to battle with congestion or public transportation, there is no excuse to shuffle to work at 8:55am in your pyjamas. Consider the following alternatives to help you start your day on the right foot.

Commute alternatives Cook

Cook, don’t commute

Suppose your commute was never that long to begin with, just a short walk to the office. Think of spending your newfound 15 minutes experimenting with omelettes, pancakes or breakfast burritos – instead of just cereal. The old saying that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ isn’t to be scoffed at. A good breakfast breaks the fast of sleep and provides much needed nutrition for the start of your day. It also forms a good first step in your schedule.

Journal instead of commuting

Journaling to replace journeying

Instead of getting out your bus pass, get out your journal. Journaling has a range of mental health benefits, and it also allows you to clear your mind and approach the day’s tasks with a level head. Take some time to understand your intentions for the day, and write out lingering thoughts to free up headspace for what really matters. New ideas!

gardening instead of commuting

Daybreak gardening is the new drive time

We’re getting onto longer commute times now. We can’t think of a better alternative to the traffic and noise of driving into work than finding enjoyment in early-morning gardening. Daybreak is the perfect time for all sorts of horticultural jobs. Plants do best when watered early, weeds pull out quickly whilst soil is moist and cool, and don’t forget to fill up those baths and feeders – encouraging birds to visit your garden throughout the day.

Exercise instead of commute

Don’t ride the rails, train your body and mind instead

Getting exercise into your daily routine has become more important than ever. Yoga provides a gentle workout that’s easy to practice at home and provides benefits across your working day. Like breakfast, putting beneficial exercise at the start of your daily routine will leave you waking up alert. Just stretching a little in the morning will limber you up and prevent injury or achiness throughout the day. Think of pairing this exercise with some short meditation. You don’t need coffee to feel alert and awake.

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