Rock solid connectivity – built for business

Unreliable, slow and insecure connectivity can pose a major problem for organisations of all sizes. Therefore choosing the right supplier for your business communications can make a huge difference to productivity and performance. From the start, Beaming has aimed to provide maximum performance and limit downtime for the companies that work with us. We do that by using our own dedicated network. Built and developed purely for top quality business performance, it connects organisations large and small with lightning fast, reliable connectivity.

What difference does having our own network make for customers?

Not all ISPs own their own network, let alone build them with business processes in mind.

Without getting too technical (we promise!), there’s a long list of reasons our network, built by us for business, makes us a better choice than other ISPs. Here’s an overview of the advantages of using Beaming:

• Performance and stability are our main concerns, along with security.

• We interconnect (peer) with multiple Internet exchanges such as LINX and LONAP as well as directly with organisations like Microsoft and Amazon. This means we can both exchange traffic between us without having to involve any other 3rd parties. As a customer this provides you with the best possible performance since there are fewer network hops between destinations. It also means that you have another layer of in-built resilience for your business which is especially important if you are using cloud hosted applications.

• Our network has less congestion, fewer points of failure and we can always stay one step ahead to ensure there is enough capacity, so that even during peak times performance will not falter

• Automatic failovers and resilience are built in so we can keep you online. We’ve built a network with plenty of redundancy. This means that if there’s a fault in one location, we can easily find another route for data, usually within a few milliseconds so that you do not experience any loss of service.

• Direct links mean that data to and from your organisation will get to where it’s going quickly and without a problem

• We use advanced technology and equipment which is constantly upgraded to keep us at the peak of performance available

• If there were to be a fault, thankfully a rare event, you would speak directly to a technician (not a call handler) who can deal with the problem there and then, carry out required checks and log directly into the necessary systems whilst on the phone to you. If a fault does need to be investigated further, this all helps to speed up the repair process.

The tasks you need to carry out using the internet at home are very different from the requirements you have for your work connection, so why wouldn’t you use an ISP with a network tailored to your daily business needs? All ISPs transport data across the internet, but not all of them do so on a network that’s been built from the ground up to deliver the kind of always-on, speedy connectivity required for business.

View some of the products that your business can choose to benefit from our rock-solid network:
Fibre optic leased lines
Superfast fibre braodband (FTTC)
ADSL broadband

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