Report: Better Connected Schools

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Report: Better Connected Schools

Are you using technology in school?

Beaming’s research into the impact of better connectivity on attainment in education turned up some interesting results.

Levels of uptake for high capacity fibre Ethernet connectivity are as high amongst schools with the worst Progress 8 scores, which measures progress from Primary to GCSE level, as for the very best.

So whilst schools may be investing in high capacity Ethernet connectivity, some are missing the next step;  using technology in school in a way that takes advantage of  improved connectivity. Students need to be engaged in a creative way that builds on other forms of good teaching practice.

Get advice from teachers and tech companies pioneering the use of technology in school

Beaming has brought together advice from experts in EdTech and E-Learning with a proven track record of using classroom EdTech to great effect, alongside tips from EdTech developers including the CEO of students’ and teachers’ favourite app Quizlet to compile the Better Connected Schools Report.

With simple tips and app recommendations for those dipping a toe into the EdTech waters, through to a more in-depth look at cyber security and safeguarding for schools, this free resource will help teachers, school IT departments and parents to make the best – and safest – use of technology for education.

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What’s in the Better Connected Schools ebook?

Our EdTech experts give advice on using technology in school, including:

  • Best practice in connected learning
  • 10 Apps to consider for your school
  • Future technology for the classroom
  • 10 steps to protect your school online

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