What sets Beaming apart

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What to expect from Beaming’s support

At Beaming we’re serious about service. If you’ve ever been subject to a lengthy wait for an answer when phoning your broadband provider, or if you understand the frustration of explaining a problem repeatedly, we think you’ll find our support approach refreshing.

Whilst Ofcom’s yearly report on the best internet service providers for service only takes into account the “major” providers, it serves as a great reminder that service is a really important factor for both residential and business customers as they choose the provider they’ll trust to keep them online. Read on to discover what we think differentiates the best internet service providers for service quality from the rest.


If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Beaming Offices, you may hear a robotic voice making announcements to our technical department. It’s nothing to be alarmed by, just part of the support process for our technical team. Beaming’s staff monitor our customers’ systems proactively to ensure that everything is working as it should be; that robotic voice is just one of the tools which alerts them to potential problems so they can get straight to work. That’s why you may receive a phone call from us before you’re even aware that there’s an issue.

Expert Support

It’s all part of what we do.  We don’t expect our customers to be experts and we don’t want them to have to explain a problem over and over again. If you do call in to us with an issue or question, a support team member will be ready to check your network there and then, as they answer the phone. You won’t wait long for someone to answer and the person you reach will be highly trained, not a first line support agent with a script to read and limited background knowledge.

Keeping you in the loop

In an ideal world, every problem would be an easy fix; we’d hang up the phone knowing that all was back to how it should be. Unfortunately some questions do take a little longer to answer and your tech team member will log a ticket for you. They’ll then keep you in the loop from start to finish, and what’s more, you’ll usually speak to the same person throughout. Anyone you do speak to will be well aware of your problem and the actions taken thus far.

Anticipating your next step

We don’t just hang up the phone once the problem’s been resolved. If we believe that there’s something more we could be doing for you, we’ll let you know. One issue could be indicative of a wider problem: maybe your business has expanded and you’ve outgrown your current products, or perhaps we can think of a genius bespoke solution to a particular issue you’re facing. It may sound like an odd confession to make, but if we can make it so that we never hear from you again we’re happy!

Recently, a customer commented “We like Beaming help-desk because they actually help!”. Job done.

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