Should I move my servers to a data centre?

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Should I move my office servers to a data centre?

The trend in hybrid working not only impacts the place we now work from, but is also getting companies to reassess where their data is best held. Customers are appraising whether on-site comms rooms in their offices, which for historic reasons may be little more than a cupboard with air conditioning, are still the best place for their data, or whether now is the time to move their servers into a data centre and take advantage of that purpose-built environment.

Why are more companies thinking about colocation?

A colocation centre – a home for your own servers (and those of dozens of other organisations) – is an increasingly cost-effective way for businesses to manage core IT infrastructure. They ensure a robust, resilient connection and power supply, and make energy costs predictable and manageable.

Can a data centre reduce my business energy costs?

Potentially, yes. And it will certainly make costs more predictable and easier to budget for.

We all know energy costs keep rising, but we don’t know by how much or when to expect the spikes. This can pose cashflow problems, especially for smaller businesses.

Servers use a lot of energy. They are kept running 24/7, and need a continuous flow of cool air.

With a data centre you know how much you’ll be paying and when. While a data centre doesn’t necessarily make the per-unit cost of energy cheaper, it can:

  • Reduce overall costs through optimised energy use
  • Make costs easier to predict and budget for

Will a data centre improve the longevity of my servers?

Yes, it should do. Data centres are designed to keep your assets running in peak condition. These features usually include:

  • Anti-static floors and temperature-controlled rooms to keep components safe
  • Optimised power supply and back-up power sources to prevent asset failure and reduce downtime
  • Security of power, so equipment doesn’t suffer from power cuts
  • Manned guarding to keep equipment safe. It will undoubtedly be more physically secure than your own offices.

If something does go wrong, data centres also offer remote-hand services to speed up resolution or to prevent unnecessary trips by your IT team.

Are there other ways colocation might save me money?

Potentially, yes. For instance, not having a server room frees up office space. This means you can house more staff or, say, add a meeting room, without taking on new costs.

How can a data centre support a flexible workforce?

Data centres make it easier to accommodate remote or hybrid working. With core infrastructure housed remotely, and a resilient connection, employees are able to log-in and collaborate from anywhere. There is less chance of employees being unable to work because they can’t get onto the servers. And if remote working means you need to build server capacity to run new services or applications, adding it is easy and doesn’t require more office space.

Why should I move to a data centre now?

Firms are moving at speed and scale to invest in space in data centres. Techvario reports that the data centre market in Europe is expected to grow 20% by 2025, with some calling it the hottest real estate in the business world.

With a lot of businesses moving away from the office or retaining a hybrid working model, this is a good time to switch. As cloud and IoT technology gets more accessible, and demand starts to drive up costs, now could be the most cost-effective time for any business to invest.

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