What will we take into the new year?

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What we’ll take from 2020 into 2021

Although there’s still a way to go before we all see the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccination trickle through into our working and everyday lives, we feel some optimism about the year ahead. And while there are many things from 2020 we’d place into room 101 given the chance, there is a handful of tools, habits and lessons learned that we plan to take forward with us into the workplace of 2021.

Supporting local business

For those of our key-worker team that are still coming into the office, the kitchen is closed until it’s safe to share those facilities again. While we’re looking forward to bringing back the ritual of making a round of teas and coffees, we’ve enjoyed buying lunch and hot drinks at some of the brilliant businesses local to us in St Leonards and will continue to support them once the pandemic is back under control.

Brief daily meetings

A hybrid approach to working, with some staff in the office and some working from home, means we have to pay extra careful attention to keep everyone on the same page. Of course, we can – and do – pick up the phone or send emails at any time during the working day, but a planned daily video call is a great way to share information in a way that’s not too formal but often leads to the sharing of some really useful insight. Even when/if everyone returns to the office in 2021, we’ll keep these daily catchups.

A cyber security mindset

As internet use surged in early Spring, so did the number of cyber attacks. With businesses becoming even further reliant on their internet connectivity in order to continue trading, the need for proper measures to protect against cyber attacks was highlighted. While a cyber security mindset is nothing new for us here at Beaming, we hope businesses will carry this through into the new year.

Pets at meetings

It would be a disaster if we were to bring them all into the office, but we do enjoy catching a glimpse of a colleague or networking contact’s pet during a video call. As long as some staff are still working from home, we’ll be happy to have their pets involved too!

Technology has helped everyone adapt to new ways of living and working in 2020, and while some of them will remain as relics of a strange and challenging time (Zoom quizzes, we’re looking at you), others are welcome additions that help prepare us for the future. What new tech, tradition or habit from this year do you plan to take with you into 2021?

Prepare for new ways of working

If 2020 was the year of remote working, 2021 may be the year of hybrid work, with employees splitting their time between home and the office.

But how do you keep staff happy, healthy and productive in this new way of working?

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