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5 reasons to order IT equipment from your IT support provider

Posted on 18 August 2020 by Beaming Support

Why order IT equipment from a managed service provider?

The provision of new technology is a key part of equipping your team members with the tools they need to succeed, especially in a world that demands increasing flexibility in the way we work. Whether you’re trying out a fully remote working model, going for a hybrid set up or adjusting your working environment to include more social distance, you’ll want to be sure that the technology you invest in is secure, suitable and future proof.

However, if you’re not too sure what the difference between a CPU and a GPU is, this can seem a daunting task.

One advantage of using a managed service provider is that they can take care of it all for you. Here are 5 good reasons to procure your IT equipment through your managed service provider.

1. Get the right specifications

Your managed service provider is used to managing the IT requirements of various companies, and can help you ensure that you’re not investing in technology that won’t meet the specifications required for your particular work, or conversely, that you won’t over spend on equipment that’s capable of far more than you need it to be. For example, your marketing team may require PCs with higher spec graphics processing capabilities, while someone that performs more admin based tasks is unlikely to need this capacity.

2. Increased incidence of non-delivery fraud

Interpol has recently issued a “Purple Notice” warning about an increased incidence of non-delivery fraud, where criminals set up an elaborate operation (often including legitimate looking websites, advertising and even fake sales teams) to con victims into paying for big ticket items – such as computing equipment – that don’t exist. With IT equipment in high demand and prices fluctuating, it can be hard to tell a good deal from a “too good to be true” deal. Your managed service provider will be better placed to spot the “too good to be true” deals, and will more than likely have a pre-established relationship with a legitimate supplier, which eliminates any worry over losing money to a fraudulent scheme.

3. Pricing and availability

You might need some help to get the IT equipment you need within a budget that works for you. Your managed service provider’s established relationships with suppliers can come in handy here, and though they can’t work miracles, they may have the right contacts to get their hands on something that’s sold out elsewhere.

4. Set up for secure working

When a managed service provider supplies your IT equipment, they can ensure that device security is tight before sending it out to be used. This is particularly pertinent when you have staff working away from the office. It’s good practice to insist that remote staff use devices provided to them by the company, and that they do not share these with other household members. This ensures that company data does not leave your network and that non-employees are not able to jeopardise the security of the equipment.

5. Stay up to date

You want your equipment to be as future proof as possible. For example, there’s little value in investing in a server that runs on a soon-to-be unsupported version of Windows. A managed service provider should have their finger on the pulse when it comes to technology, and will have a clear understanding of how your IT equipment is likely to be used now and in the future, so they can advise accordingly.

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