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Chrome on Terminal Server is not working for certain users

Posted on 15 June 2016 by Beaming Support

Some users have Chrome deployed (50.0.2661 x64) in a terminal server environment (Windows Server 2012 R2) and encounter an issue where one user can open Chrome but cannot browse web pages or access settings, with the tabs just freezing.

If Chrome on terminal server is not working., you may want to continue reading and see if the below works for you.

To try and solve this I first re-built the user profile which I have seen work before for similar issues, but this did not have any effect.

The solution I did find that helped me resolve this issue was to right click the Chrome shortcut on their desktop and access properties, and then compatibility. When I ran Chrome in Windows 7 compatibility mode the browser immediately worked as normal with browsing and options fully accessible.

Now that you know what to do when Chrome on Terminal Server is not working, browse our support archive for more useful articles.

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