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How do I setup ‘Call Diversion – Standard’?

Posted on 18 September 2015 by Beaming Support

Allows customers to have all calls diverted to another number – anywhere in the UK, most overseas destinations or to a mobile phone.

Customers can choose to divert all calls, divert on no reply or diversion if the line is busy.


  • Diverting Calls (switch on) * Code * Phone number to divert to #
  • Switching off # Code #
  • Checking * # Code #

Diversion Codes

  • 21 (all calls)
  • 61 (diverts calls you don’t answer, calls will divert after 15 seconds)
  • 67 (diverts calls when you are engaged)

Note: Customers will be billed for the cost of the diverted call leg.

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