How to get broadband at a construction site

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A simple process to install broadband at a construction site

Posted on 16 March 2021 by Beaming Support

When you’re setting up a construction site and need to get a broadband connection in to a portacabin, there’s little time to waste explaining to connectivity providers that don’t understand your individual requirements such as that your site doesn’t yet have a post code.

Team up with Beaming for your temporary broadband and you’ll be working with a company that is experienced and understands your processes, has a grip on the technical language and can access all the systems necessary to get FTTP or FTTC connectivity to your site on a tight deadline.

Follow the simple steps below for hassle-free installation of temporary broadband for your construction site portacabin:

  1. We’ll take the necessary details such as the grid reference of your site and the date you need your connectivity in by so we can arrange a survey.


  1. Around two weeks later the survey will take place. We’ll arrange a convenient time to ensure you have someone on site when this happens.


  1. Approximately two weeks later the survey results come in confirming if any additional civil engineering works are required, or whether we can proceed straight to installation. If at this time ECC’s are raised, this is because Openreach have determined that extra works are quired to provide service and our team will be able to give you a full breakdown detailing those charges.


  1. If ECC’s are applicable and once you give the go-ahead, we can arrange installation or for materials to be delivered for a self-install. Alternatively, if no additional civil engineering works are required, our team will appoint an installation date within two weeks.


  1. Your broadband will then go live. Your services will be provided on a 12-month contract, moving to monthly rolling thereafter. When the project is finished we’ll arrange with Openreach for the removal of your temporary infrastructure.

To find out more call Beaming on 0800 082 2868

Temporary broadband FAQs

Answers to the questions construction companies often ask.

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