FAQs about connecting broadband to a portacabin

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How long does it take to install broadband to a site portacabin?

Posted on 16 March 2021 by Beaming Support

Time is of the essence when you have a plot of land ready for construction.

These FAQs will prepare you with the information you need to get temporary site broadband connectivity in place, but if you prefer to pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced team, you can call us on 0800 082 2868.


We need an internet connection for the duration of our construction project, can we get broadband to a portacabin?

Yes, we are experienced in delivering temporary FTTP or FTTC broadband in to construction sites and portacabins.


Our site doesn’t have a postcode yet, does this matter?

No, we can work from a grid reference. Our team has access to the systems needed to book a site survey using this information.


What is OpenReach’s involvement in getting broadband to a portacabin?

We liaise with OpenReach so you don’t have to! They carry out the survey then deliver and install (if necessary) infrastructure, but we have access to many of their systems and will make sure you simply get what you want, when and where you need it.


How long does it take to arrange a survey and get results back?

In all, around 4 weeks. Find out more about the full order and installation process here.


Do we need to be on site for the survey?

Someone will need to be on site for the survey, so we’ll arrange this for the soonest available convenient date.


Can we install the equipment ourselves?

Yes, we can arrange for equipment to be delivered for self-installation, or you can source your own equipment.


Are we tied in to a long contract?

You’ll start off on a 12 month contract then you’ll move over to monthly rolling after that.


If there are ECCs involved in connecting broadband to our portacabin, when do we pay them?

This will depend on individual circumstances, it may be necessary to pay upfront but often payment for ECCs is not required until the service is live.


Can we pay by BACS?

Yes, you can arrange to make payment by BACS.


What does it cost to get the infrastructure removed at the end of the project?

There is a £170 charge to remove temporary cabling and other equipment at the end of the build, which is payable upfront. We will organise this for you.


What if we need a connection to a non-serviced premises?

We can help with that, too, though the process is a bit different. Get in touch to give us some more information about the NSP.

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