How do I join a Teams meeting?

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Teams has disappeared from Outlook calendar

Posted on 11 November 2020 by Beaming Support

My Teams has disappeared from my Outlook calendar so I can’t join any meetings, what do I do?

This is scary at a first glance, especially when you’re working in a remote or hybrid set up where much of your communication is carried out via Teams. Don’t worry, it’s actually a change that Microsoft has made to make things more streamlined and it’s easy to join a Teams meeting by following the steps we outline below.

Why has this happened?

Recently, Microsoft added a feature to their Teams which incorporates the calendar into the Teams app, meaning they have moved the Teams meeting calendar from Outlook, where it was before, into the Teams program itself. They did this because it is more efficient and less hassle than having to switch between the two programs to join a meeting.

How do I join a Teams meeting now?

  1. Open your Teams application.
  2. You will now find a new button that says “Calendar”, with a calendar icon.
  3. Click on it and it will open just like your Outlook calendar normally would but this time, when there is a scheduled meeting, it will have a “Join Meeting” button that you can click.
  4. This will join you straight to that meeting much more efficiently than before.

Are you keeping data confidential in your Teams meetings?

Follow our guidance for securing video calls.

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