Why is my upload speed slower than my download speed?

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Why is my upload speed slower than my download speed?

Posted on 12 January 2018 by Beaming Support

My broadband upload speed is much slower than my download speed, why is this?

We’ll start by reassuring you that this is normal. If you’ve noticed a difference in the time it takes to upload a file vs the time taken to download one, or have carried out a broadband speed test and discovered that your download speed is faster than your upload speed, it’s nothing to worry about, as long as you’re getting above the minimum speeds agreed with your ISP.

Most UK broadband products are either an ADSL connection or FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), both of which are known as asymmetric or asynchronous connections. This just means that the download speed and upload speeds are not the same as each other.

Why are uploads slower than downloads?

Consider the amount of online time you spend viewing content that’s already been published i.e. browsing websites, reading emails, streaming video (all of which involve downloading data) compared to the amount of data you publish to the internet by sending files, making VOIP calls or uploading content to social media, to name a few examples. The majority of individuals and small businesses download much more data than they upload. Why dedicate 50% of a connection’s capability to uploading when really only 20% of the data moving through the cable may be uploads?

Actually, I do upload a lot of data. What are my options?

Not all connections are asynchronous. Our fibre optic leased line technology  connections are synchronous, with uploads happening at the same speed as downloads. In addition to synchronous speeds, these products offer un-contended bandwidth, meaning the line is used by your traffic alone.

A synchronous connection can be important for businesses that wish to collaborate online, sending large files and conducting conference calls via VOIP or video call. This is often the case for businesses operating in creative industries or across multiple sites.

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