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Can a leased line save money?

Posted on 18 August 2017 by Beaming Support

Is a leased line cost-effective?

If you’ve read our post on why your business may need a fibre leased line, you have perhaps started to do some research into the possibility of having one installed. Can a leased line save money for your business? Consider it an investment in increased productivity & the future readiness of the business. Then add in the cost savings associated with using cloud and VOIP technology. In short, the answer is yes! Read on to discover how a connectivity upgrade could save costs for your business.


Imagine arriving to the office at 9am on a Monday to find that your business broadband connection is not working.  The sales team can’t receive any customer enquiries, accounts can’t access any online systems and your marketers can’t send out the campaign they have spent months planning. Beaming’s research found that on average, each business in the UK was affected by 27.3 hours of internet downtime in 2016. That’s a loss of over 3 working days.  Now multiply this by the number of employees reliant on the internet to fulfil their daily duties. You may find that a connection with guaranteed uptime becomes an appealing prospect.  A leased line is extremely unlikely to drop out or fail. In the unlikely event of a failure, the fibre leased line comes with a high priority SLA; a 5 hour fix time in most cases.


Although it’s impossible to be 100% immune to cyber attacks and data leaks, you’re more secure with a fibre leased line. Being a point to point connection, only your business’s data travels along your own leased line. Nothing is shared on a public network and you have control at each end of the line.  A 2016 study by IBM and Ponemon found that the average total cost of a data breach is £2.53 million, owing to lost business & customers, loss of time and costs associated with repairing reputation and recouping business. Add to this the fact that GDPR is approaching – and with it the possibility of fines up to 20 million Euros for organisations found to be non-compliant – and there is a definite potential “saving” to be made here.

(Some) Free phone calls

If you connect two or more sites with a leased line, making calls from site to site is free of charge, since they don’t go via the public telephone network. Replacing traditional ISDN phone lines (and the line rentals associated with them) with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology can lead to big savings, too. This is again particularly useful for multi-site organisations, which can centralise their telephony. This reduces the over-all number of lines as they are shared out according to demand.

Sharing resources

A fibre leased line connecting multiple sites can easily handle the sharing of file and email servers across those sites. This results in a saving as there’s no need to purchase multiple resources and it also simplifies matters for IT staff, freeing up their time and resources.


If, in two years’ time, your business has grown and needs to increase its 100Mbps connection to 1Gbps, this can be done quickly and without the need to invest in yet further infrastructure. A fibre leased line, once installed, should be enough to carry your business through whatever developments lay ahead.

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