How easy is it to switch fibre leased line provider?

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Can I switch fibre leased line provider?

Posted on 31 August 2021 by Beaming Support

Fibre optic leased line technology is, by design, faster and more reliable than broadband internet, but that doesn’t always translate to a happy relationship with your provider.

Common reasons for wanting to switch leased line provider include:

  • Poor customer service with faults not quickly resolved
  • Unreasonable price increases
  • A lack of stability e.g. The company is taken over multiple times and/or staff change frequently

Switching to a new internet service provider for your leased line isn’t quite the same as switching broadband providers, where the service is simply migrated to your new ISP, but it’s still a straightforward process, which we’ll explain here.

How is switching leased line providers different to switching broadband provider?

When you change broadband provider, the service can simply be moved to the new ISP without any physical work having to be carried out. Read more about switching broadband provider here.

With a leased line, your fibre connects directly from your business/organisation into your existing provider’s network, which means that when you want that fibre service to be delivered via another provider’s network, there is technical work to be completed. As you already have a fibre there won’t be any major engineering tasks needed to deliver the connection into your premises, and in most cases spare fibre will have already been installed. A fibre technician will simply come and install new fibre termination equipment in your comms room.  The good news is that this can be done without impacting your existing service.

Process to switch to a new leased line provider

When you want to switch fibre leased line provider, here is the process you’ll need to follow.

  1. Do your research. Your leased line is a vital tool so make sure you choose a provider that commits to customer service and can explain how soon they’ll be able to get you back on track should there be a problem with your fibre.
  2. Get a quote. Your shortlisted provider(s) can give you a quote for installation of new termination equipment (for standard term contracts this is usually free of charge) and the ongoing cost of leased line rental.
  3. Give your chosen ISP the go-ahead to take over, making sure to let them know when your existing fibre contract will end.
  4. Contact your current provider to let them know you’ll be ceasing the service.
  5. Wait for work to be completed and the new service to start. Your ISP will give you an activation date and a specially configured router, so you can plug in and enjoy dedicated, ultrafast connectivity. You’ll also get a new static public IP address.

Should you choose Beaming as your new provider, our skilled technical team will work to your timeline to keep downtime during the switchover to an absolute minimum, and you’ll be kept informed about the progress of your order at every step.

Fibre leased lines from Beaming

If you’d like Beaming to take care of your fibre leased line service, your service transfer will be project-managed, and your leased line will be monitored 24/7, with a 5-hour target fix time on reported faults. Get in touch on 0800 082 2868 or fill in the form below and one of our friendly experts will contact you within one business day.

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