Can I get free fibre without a voucher scheme?


Can I get affordable fibre without a government gigabit voucher?

Posted on 19 July 2021 by Beaming Support

Can I get free fibre installation for my business, or make it more affordable?

The government Gigabit Voucher Scheme is designed to help out with the cost of installing fibre optic leased lines to a business location, but it’s not available everywhere and not all businesses are eligible. Whether you use a voucher towards the cost of installation or not, the monthly on-going cost of your fibre would be the same.

However, that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t get an affordable fibre connection for your business.

Can I get free fibre installation without a government scheme or voucher?

It’s possible that setting up a fibre optic leased line connection will cost you nothing even without help from a government scheme. The infrastructure might already exist at your business premises, or if not, very close by, meaning that the price of installing fibre is low or may even be zero. At business parks and in built-up areas this can often be the case, and you may know of a neighbouring business that has a leased line.

How do I find out if there’s fibre nearby already?

The best way to find out what infrastructure exists near you is to contact a specialist internet service provider who can access behind the scenes systems to find out. They may be able to give you an idea on pricing at this stage but if extra engineering work is needed to bring dedicated fibre to your business, they’ll arrange a survey and then confirm costs. Openreach, who provide much of the UK’s internet infrastructure, will contribute £2,800 towards the cost of any new leased line installation. This means that if the engineering works don’t exceed this amount, you still won’t need to pay anything.

Does a government voucher cover the monthly costs of a fibre leased line?

These schemes only cover charges related to installation, not monthly on-going costs, but if you’ve previously looked into installing a fibre optic leased line and found the monthly fee prohibitive, you’ll likely find that this has come down over time and may now be more affordable. There are many variables that affect the monthly cost associated with a leased line and speaking to a business ISP should help you determine exactly what your requirements will be. Read this article for a full explanation of how we determine the price of your leased line.

It’s not just the cost you should consider when choosing your connectivity, investing in a fibre leased line for business can save you money in various areas, read more in this article.


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