Why is it important to have a fixed IP address?

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Why is it important to have a fixed IP address?

Posted on 14 December 2022 by Beaming Support

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique numerical reference that identifies a computer or other networked device on the local area network, WiFi or Internet.

Temporary IP addresses

A dynamic, or temporary IP address can easily change – even if you simply restart your WiFi router. If you’re out and about, using a coffee shop’s WiFi will mean you’re using a different, temporary IP address, which is provided to your device at random by the internet service provider for that coffee shop.

For most internet users, a temporary IP address is sufficient – but for businesses, there are plenty of benefits of using a fixed, or static, IP address.

Why do businesses need a fixed IP address?

  1. Stability – some IP addresses can get ‘blacklisted’, which may cause you to be blocked from accessing some services. A fixed IP can get “blacklisted” – but unlike a temporary IP, it offers you the ability to always know exactly what IP address your network traffic is coming from. Therefore, should the IP address get “blacklisted” for any reason, you can resolve the issue and confirm to the provider who has blocked your IP that the issue has been rectified, so that they can unblock your static IP.
  2. Hosting ability – If you want to host anything, from business applications such as a locally hosted file server, a Microsoft exchange server, or your company website, you will need a fixed IP address.
  3. Remote access – If you need to connect from outside the office via a VPN, such when working from home or from customer sites, you will need a static IP address. 
  4. Site-to-site VPN terminations – A site-to-site VPN termination securely links two connections together. The fixed IP addresses allow two remote offices to be linked together via the Internet in order to securely share resources.
  5. IT support – If you need access to secure IT support, in the form of remote management of hardware, a fixed IP address may be needed to do this.

Overall, a static IP address can be used for access to, and security of, your business data and applications.

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