Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella – secure your business with DNS protection

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based security service that protects against internet-based threats. It provides proactive and real-time defence for both your on-site and off-site workforce.

How does Cisco Umbrella protect your business?

Cisco Umbrella graphic

Cisco Umbrella uses internet infrastructure to block malicious activity before your connection is ever established. This provides the first line of defence for users, and assets from malware, phishing attempts, botnets and more.

  • It uses fast and secure cloud infrastructure so you can have the protection of Cisco without reducing working speed and performance.
  • Cisco uses predictive intelligence to detect and neutralise threats before they cause harm.
  • As well as malware protections, it provides the flexibility and control to block specific URLs or apps, control file types as well as behaviours like file uploads.

Is Cisco Umbrella right for your business?

Umbrella is a solution that is flexible to secure all types of business but is might be particularly useful for:

Where staff need protection from phishing attempts

Reduce the worry of staff being phishing targets and inadvertently clicking a link or attachment that appears legitimate but is actually malicious.

Businesses where employees work from home or across various locations

Both on-premise as well as remote workers have the same level of protection

Your business needs to meet compliance requirements

Umbrella can help comply with industry regulations and data protection laws, as well as assist with cyber insurance requirements.

Growing and changing businesses

Umbrella is easily scalable and flexible with ability to change functionality to meet the needs of the future with no disruption.

Why Cisco?

Cisco Partner LogoEmpower your defences with Cisco’s unrivalled global internet visibility. Their breadth of threat intelligence enables them to block malicious activity before your endpoints and workforce can establish a connection and open the door to an attack.

3 reasons to choose Beaming to manage Umbrella?

1. Seamless Integration

Once we have discussed and selected the best solutions for your business, we will manage the move to using Cisco security and ensure your products are configured correctly and integrated in to your individual environment.

2. Additional Expertise

We know that managing multiple security products can seem complex, but by handing the responsibility to Beaming, you can have confidence that our team have the necessary skills and experience to ensure everything is working how it should, and you are as protected as possible.

With Beaming trained Cisco engineers handling your security suite, it frees up your teams to focus on other critical projects.

3. Ongoing Reassurance

We stay up-to-date with security best practices and the evolving threat landscape, which makes us well placed to respond quickly to new threats and make any required changes without delay, whilst maintaining communications between your team and ours.

Our ISO27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to best practice when it comes to data security. It means that we have an Information Security Management System in place to protect our assets and that we are managing customer data securely and to a high standard.

So, with our team becoming a second pair of eyes monitoring your business and providing support when you need it, you’re able to focus more on your business goals.

To organise a Cisco Umbrella product trial speak to one of our experts on 0800 082 2868 or complete the form and we will get in touch.