Wide area networks

When geography comes between you, Beaming has the connectivity to bring your business together.


Designed for radio broadcasting, Beaming's StudioNet is a secure, reliable, Studio to Transmitter Link (STL) which leverages fibre optic technology to deliver minimal latency and zero jitter.

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ProtectNet is a private dedicated network for the security sector. It guarantees a secure, fast and reliable method of transmission to one or many remote locations.

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ProtectNet Plus

ProtectNet Plus adds an extra layer of security on top of our ProtectNet product.

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Managed networks

Our managed networks service is aimed mainly at large business for whom we provide private networks and business continuity services.

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Fibre Optic Leased Lines

Beaming’s national ethernet enables a high data transmission rate over long distances and because we commit to service levels, if there is a fault, downtime is minimal.

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Ethernet first mile (EFM)

Ethernet First Mile provides your company with faster synchronous speeds than other services delivered across copper.

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