Cyber Security

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Take a multi-layered approach to protecting your business against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Our customers trust us to advise on the best practices to help prevent cyber attacks and to implement measures that protect systems at a network level.

How Beaming can help

Instilling a culture of cyber security responsibility across your organisation is key to improving protection, and there’s no “set it and leave it” measure that guarantees you’ll be safe, but we can advise on the technologies and practices that give you the best footing to defend against the thousands of cyber attacks happening each day.

Content Filtering

When there’s too much at stake to get this wrong, we can provide threat management from Sophos or Cisco.  We’ll help you block emails containing malicious content and ensure that inappropriate material is not accessible online. Our responsive tech team will quickly implement new filters as and when required.

Managed Firewalls

We can install, manage and maintain firewalls that help block anything unwanted from accessing your network.

Secure Remote Access

When employees work remotely they need to connect to the company network in a way that’s secure. We can help advise on and implement solutions such as VPN, Remote Desktop, and our own ProtectNet solution for remote access.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security when you log into any service, for example Office 365, your VPN or cloud based storage. Our team will advise on the best multi-factor authentication method based on how your teams work and help implement it.

Data Backup

Data backups are vital in the event of a cyberattack or IT failure. We’ll advise on the most appropriate method for storing your data securely and can help set up storage in one of our trusted data centres.

Private Networks

Security is always a concern but with data circuits connecting sites together we can use broadband technology in a clever way. A network is created between sites with one route out to the internet, which reduces the need to spend money on firewalls at each site.

Advice you can trust

At Beaming, we’re serious about service, and that includes security. Here’s how we demonstrate our commitment to keeping your systems and data secure.


ISO27001 Certification

Our ISO27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to best practice when it comes to data security. It means that we have an Information Security Management System in place to protect our assets and that we are managing customer data securely and to a high standard.

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Our technology

Things move fast in the world of cyber threat management. Beaming is an ISP with its own network, which means we can ensure that the technology we use (both hardware and software) is kept bang up to date with the latest advances in security

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Our people

All of our team are highly trained and have the expertise necessary to advise on cyber security. We’re extremely responsive and can act quickly when new security measures need to be put in place, or if you or an employee has a security concern.

Visit our cyber security resource hub

An extensive selection of free downloads, quizzes and guides to help employees understand the cyber attack threat, how it affects them and how they can help protect the business.

Monitoring an evolving threat

The number and type of cyber attacks targeting businesses is constantly changing. Subscribe to our quarterly cyber threat report email to keep up to date.

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