Do you require large amounts of bandwidth for video streaming, artwork, bespoke applications or to transfer high volumes of data across your business locations?

For businesses with serious data needs, and those that have centralised their data, look no further than Beaming.

Our high capacity services are designed to help larger, internet-hungry businesses handle the large data volumes your business demands, with bandwidths up to 10 Gbps and beyond.

Following full assessment of your location, budget and requirements, Beaming’s friendly and efficient team will provide you with one of the following connection types. That’s not all. We also offer capacity planning, so connectivity adapts as your business grows:

Fibre optic

Ultra fast, reliable connectivity that lets you connect your business sites, regardless of their distance from one another and move huge volumes of data between them. Securely send and download large files, collaborate at high speed; share files easily with regional offices, partners or remote workers; and access excellent quality video conferencing for online meetings.

Ethernet first mile (EFM)

EFM uses existing copper lines instead of fibre to connect to the exchange, so it’s cheaper and quicker to install than a standard leased line. Yet Ethernet First Mile provides your company with faster synchronous speeds (up to 35 Mbps) than other services delivered across copper lines – great when you need consistent speeds in both directions. Our products are delivered across BT Wholesale’s platform, so Beaming’s EFM service has service levels for repair comparable with fibre leased lines.

Uncontended aggregated broadband

The easy, affordable way to boost bandwidth quickly and fuss-free when the exchange serving your premises does not have a fibre node. By combining more than one internet connection, you can build enough bandwidth to meet your exact business needs. If you want the ‘belts and braces’ approach, aggregated broadband can be used as a back-up line to fibre, ensuring constant connection.

We bolster all of the fibre technology we provide with service level agreements and ultra-responsive support (find out more about our team of creative problem solvers). Rest assured that IT infrastructure problems will not get in the way of running your business.

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