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Job Profile: Marketing Assistant

What does a marketing assistant do at Beaming? Find out in the latest in our series of employee interviews.

What is your job title?

Marketing assistant.

What does a typical day involve (if there is such a thing)?

I work under the Marketing Manager, helping to implement the campaigns she has planned. This can involve writing and editing blogs, planning social media to support the release of a research report, organising customer case studies, making sure our website is optimised to attract visitors and more. It’s nice that although there are always set plans in place, there is room for creativity. You feel that your input is valued and makes a difference to the business.

What experience did you have prior to taking on the role?

I studied French at university, so if Beaming ever makes the short hop across the Channel, I’ll be ready for it! After that I worked in hospitality as front office manager in a hotel. The parts of the job that I particularly enjoyed were responding to feedback and using it to improve customer experience, making changes to rates then tracking the difference in revenue that could be achieved, and writing copy for adverts, the website and social media. All of this is about improving business outcomes whilst keeping the customer front and centre. I didn’t know it at the time but these skills would transfer well to marketing.

What skills do you have that help you in your work?

Analytical: Analysing the marketplace, existing customers and past campaigns is very important. I enjoy the satisfaction of –for example –making a slight change to the website and then finding out what impact this had on traffic, then using this information to make more improvements.

Creative: I love to write and get lots of opportunity to do that here. I also help with the design of graphics for use online and in print. There have been some fun projects like putting together gifts to send to customers.

Attention to detail: We don’t want to send confusing messages, so making sure that the small (and bigger!) details of what we do are always cohesive and on-brand is important. I’m the kind of person that wakes up in a cold sweat, realising I’ve sent an email containing the word “their” where it should have been “there”, which is actually a good thing for this job.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Everything is tracked so that the success of any particular campaign can be measured, and the best part is seeing the actual impact of the work that’s been done. Sometimes there are “quick wins” and sometimes it takes a bit longer for results to show. I’m sure this must be even more satisfying for the Marketing Manager who comes up with the plans!

It’s probably cheating to add a second thing, but I’ll be the one uploading this to the website so I can get away with it: I also really enjoy learning something new every day. The industry we’re working in is in a state of constant change, so there’s always a new talking point in the news and it’s an exciting world to be a part of, even if I don’t have the deep technical knowledge of some of my colleagues.

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