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BeamRing IPW56 – How do I make a call?

Posted on 30 May 2019 by Beaming Support

How do I make a telephone call with the BeamRing IPW56 handset?

Applies to BeamRing User and BeamRing User Plus license holders

To make a call using the handset:

  1. Enter the telephone number using the keypad

To make a call using the speakerphone:

  1. With the handset in place, press Speaker
  2. Press the  (call) button,  (speaker) button or   (ok) button to dial

To make a call using my company or personal directory:

  1. Press the  (ok) button to bring up the menu options
  2. Select Directory and press the  (ok) button.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    1. Local Directory for other wireless handsets that are paired to the same wireless base station as your wireless handset
    2. Network Directory then Enterprise for a complete list of telephone handsets within your business
    3. Network Directory then Personal for a list of telephone numbers saved against your BeamRing cloud phone personal account
  4. Use the  (up) / (down) arrows to select the required entry. Press the  (ok) button.
  5. Use the  (up) / (down) arrows to select the required number. Press   (call) button to dial this number.
  6. For large company directories or personal contact lists you can search by name to narrow down your list.

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