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How do I change my BeamRing voicemail greeting?

Posted on 3 December 2019 by Beaming Support

Applies to BeamRing User and BeamRing User Plus license holders

You can choose to set a “Busy Greeting” and/or a “No Answer Greeting”

The Busy Greeting will be played to callers when you are on another phone call or have set your phone to Do Not Disturb whilst the No Answer Greeting is played if the phone goes unanswered.

To set the Busy Greeting:

Please access your voice portal, this can be done from your phone, or by dialling your specific voice portal access number. Then put in your access pin code in order to log in.

Press option 1 when you are logged in, and your messages will be read out to you (should you have any).

You will then be able to press option 2 within this menu to enter the “Busy Greetings” menu. You can then choose to:

  • Press option 1 to record a new Busy Greeting
  • Press option 2 to play the current Busy Greeting
  • Press option 3 to put the default Busy Greeting on.

Once you are happy with your greetings, please end the call to the voicemail portal and these will be set.

 To set the No Answer Greeting:

If you want to set the No Answer Greeting (the greeting that plays if the phone goes unanswered) then please do the following after you have logged into the voicemail:

Press option 1

Press 3

Then press either:

  • 1 to record a new No Answer Greeting
  • Press 2 to listen to the current no answer greeting
  • Press 3 to apply the default greeting.

End the call to the voicemail portal to set the greetings.

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