Plan ahead to transfer your telecoms when you move office


Office move checklist

Posted on 28 February 2020 by Beaming Support

When you’re moving your office to a new location, ensuring the minimum possible disruption to your business will be top of your (long) list of priorities.

For most businesses, telephone and internet connectivity are imperative to trading as usual, so having them in place, on time, and working reliably is a key part of minimising disruption to ensure a smooth office move.

This list gives you a good guide to the timings you’ll need to follow, but once you know that you’re moving you can place your order for new telephone and internet connectivity with Beaming as soon as you’d like. We’ll get the key dates in the diary and project manage your installation so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You can also download our PDF guide to keep handy, find the considerations you’ll need to make, questions to ask and the timings you’ll need to follow for a well planed office move.

Your office move checklist



  Do you need dedicated fibre internet or will broadband connectivity suit your current and future requirements? Ideally this should be determined before you choose your new location to ensure the infrastructure you need is in place there.

As soon as you decide to move your office location

  Do you plan to keep your existing telephone system? If your telephone system is ISDN based, you should consider the upcoming shut down of the ISDN network. Because the UK’s ISDN (copper based) telephone network is due to be shut off in 2025, technical support for ISDN technology is likely to dwindle. It may be time to make the switch to a VoIP system.

   Shop around for a service provider for your telephone and internet connectivity. Even if you’re not yet sure exactly what products you’re looking for, a good business telecommunications provider will help you decide based on your requirements. These 5 factors will help you find the right ISP for your business.

Once you’ve chosen a location

  Think about how you plan to use your phone system in your new location. How many users will there be? Which users will need to belong to which hunt groups? Will you have an auto attendant and hold music? How many numbers will you want to port over to the new system? All of this information will help you to choose a system and will be useful when you first make contact with your chosen provider.

 Place an order for a fibre leased line. Though target lead time is 30 days, bear in mind that this is dependent on how much (if any) engineering work will be needed to install the connectivity.

1-3 months before moving date

  Place your BeamRing order. We can act very swiftly to get BeamRing in place, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re on a tight schedule, but with plenty of notice we can ensure that your internet connectivity is up to the job and that any necessary tweaks to hunt groups, auto attendants or other features are in place for a smooth transition. Don’t forget to let us know which phone numbers you’ll want ported to your new cloud system.

  If you’re going for FTTP and it’s already available at your new office location, then make sure you place your order with at least ten working days to spare.


At least 10 working days before moving date

  If you happened to miss a number off of your list for porting to your new VoIP system, now’s your last chance to get it arranged in time.

  A Fibre to the Cabinet (superfast) broadband connection can be in place 5-10 days after your order.


At least 5 days before moving date

   If you’re planning to use the BeamRing communicator app on desktop, make sure you have the necessary headsets and that they’re in a clearly labelled box so you can plug in and get straight to work on moving day.

  Order now if you need an ADSL broadband line in time for moving day.

At least 4 days before moving date

   The BeamRing app can be downloaded to mobile phones in advance to save time on the day.

  Your ISP will most likely be providing you with a router but if that’s not the case, make sure you’ve got the right equipment ready to connect you.

One day before moving date

  BeamRing customers can expect to have their cloud voice telephones all ready and configured to work on moving day.

 Once it’s been confirmed that the connection is live, Beaming customers can plug in their routers and get to work as soon as they need to.

Moving day

  BeamRing’s preconfigured telephones can be plugged into the network and used to make and receive calls straight away. Or those using the User Plus licence will continue to make and receive calls via the mobile App without customers knowing you’ve moved at all.

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