Sophos UTM stops processing Web Filtering requests when AD Joined

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Sophos UTM web filtering issues

Posted on 19 September 2023 by Beaming Support

With Sophos UTM appliances, if it is joined to an Active Directory Domain and also does LDAP and it suddenly stops processing requests, with the error of “failed to run samba command on DOMAIN.LOCAL, exiting now”, this could mean that there is a time slippage between the Sophos UTM appliance and the Active Directory Environment that it is joined to.


If the Sophos UTM falls 5 minutes out of sync with the AD Environment, it will stop processing all requests and get disjoined from the domain.


If it is too late, and your UTM has already fallen outside of this timing, you will simply need to ensure that all the times on your Domain Controllers are correct, then ensure that the time on the UTM matches, then attempt to re-join the domain.


It may take a couple of attempts to re-join, as the UTM will need to query the DC’s and ensure their times are synced and within the 5-minute time slippage period.


Once it is all synced, the UTM will then re-join the domain successfully.


Users may need to log out of their machines and back in again for the UTM to get the query and establish the connections correctly following on from this. After doing so, the Sophos UTM will resume processing web filtering requests.


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