Why are updates essential?

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Zero-Day attacks: how can I be prepared?

Posted on 28 February 2022 by Beaming Support

Updating your software can seem like an inconvenience and a waste of valuable time especially when the notifications crop up at the wrong moment.  It’s easy to overlook updates when your systems are working perfectly fine without them. However, maintaining regular updates can be the difference between good security and a data breach.

Protecting against zero-day attacks

As we regularly see platforms such as Google Chrome push update warnings over zero-day hacks, ensuring that you and your staff action these updates quickly can be crucial.

A zero-day attack takes place when software or software updates go live with, or expose previous vulnerabilities, and these vulnerabilities are taken advantage of by hackers. When flaws in software are identified the developers will usually release an update that patches the flaw and prevents a data breach from occurring. If you don’t run the update as soon as possible you are leaving yourself at risk, as hackers are aware of vulnerabilities in the version of software you are using and can take advantage.

Patches are not only released for zero-day attacks. As software ages, its own security measures will gradually become out of date and will need refreshing to avoid being breached. Those working to breach systems are always learning and figuring out new ways to do so, meaning that measures to prevent this must also be constantly improving. Putting off an update can mean that your software  does not have the necessary protection to keep your data secure.

Why does it matter to my business?

As an organisation you are responsible for any data breaches that could have been avoided by better due diligence. Not only could a data breach do serious damage to your business processes and reputation, preventing you from operating, but the consequences could include steep fines from the government.

Maintaining regular system updates better equips your systems against cyber-attack and for something that can often be done in the time it takes to make a coffee, it is one very simple way of improving your security.