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The traditional landline still has a valued place in many businesses.

We know many businesses still rely on traditional copper technology to support services such as temporary line connections, monitoring lines and lift lines, here’s how Beaming can help.


Although the copper network is coming to an end, in areas that have not yet reached their deadline, we are still able to install fixed lines. For more information about services available to you, enquire below. Or read on about the upcoming copper withdrawal here.

Lift and security lines

We are experts in installing speciality analogue lines such as lift lines, alarm lines and lines for door entry systems. All lines installations are project managed by our provisioning team, and with our cost centre billing, we help make it easy to manage your operations.

Temporary lines

If you’re planning a one-off event, trade show or conference, or are working from a temporary building site you may need a temporary line. Beaming provides connectivity with timely delivery and project management – your Beaming contact will manage the whole process beautifully. Find out more.

Do businesses still need a landline?

Which telecoms solution is right for your business?

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