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The traditional landline still has a valued place in many businesses.

Remember the excitement of the first time your business telephone line rang? We don’t want that magic to fade so we ensure that answering and making calls never causes a headache.


PSTN telephone lines are copper pairs of lines running from the telephone exchange to a line box in the premises via a Distribution Point (DP).

They are analogue in nature and whether residential or used for business, the technology itself does not change. What does is how quickly any fault will be fixed. This is key for many businesses, particularly when broadband is provided across the line.


ISDN2 digital phone lines (Integrated Services Digital Network), also called ISDN2e, allow a business to make or receive two simultaneous voice calls over a single copper line.
The type of ISDN2 known as Digital System is used by small businesses for connecting to a telephone system (PBX) and can be ordered in multiples.


ISDN30 digital phone lines are generally used by businesses requiring up to 30 or more telephone lines (channels), delivered over either a fibre optic or copper path and terminating on the customer’s telephone system (PBX).
Beaming provides ISDN30 with a minimum of 8 channels and with a choice of service levels. Installation and ongoing rental fees are cheaper than BT enabling your business to make substantial savings.

How much do you know about the ISDN switch off?

Traditional copper phone lines are being phased out.

Why Beaming?

Beaming uses Openreach to provide our telephone lines and we were early adopters of Wholesale Line Rental 3, meaning that we gained access to BT’s own systems earlier than many of our competitors. As such we have a long established relationship with Openreach and understand the processes and terminology to get projects completed on time.

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