Worrying about data and voice connectivity is not your job–leave it to us.

As an SME, you don’t have time to spare on technical issues like broadband and telephony – you just need something that works and you don’t want to be too involved in the technicalities.

Beaming caters for a wide range of telephony and data needs for businesses and their IT companies. But we don’t just sell business broadband and telephony lines, we provide solid, strategic advice, independent planning and exceptional support. We’re quick too.

Because we really take the time to understand your business we can offer a genuinely personal service. As a result, our SME customers trust us to take complete care of their connectivity.

Our team turbo-boosts the efficiency of SMEs with multiple sites by centralising phone and internet connectivity between locations. The rewards are great. Our customers no longer need to maintain a server at each site, productivity increases and managers have the flexibility to redeploy staff to any location to cover breaks and absence.

If you have a problem as a Beaming customer, we’ll give you an immediate response in Plain English. The people who answer the phones are skilled engineers who know about data connectivity and telephony. They empathise. They check what the problem is there and then and tell you when it can be fixed.

Best of all, Beaming gives you peace of mind. It is reassuring that all your data and telephony needs are taken care of by a single company, working as a single team. You get one invoice for multiple complementary services. You talk to the same person each time.

We told you it was simple.