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The awards for good video conferencing

Forget the Oscars, the Grammys, even the Tonys. As the nation comes to grips with digital meetings, Beaming is proud to set the standard with our awards for good video conferencing.

With the following advice we hope you too can one day snag yourself a statuette. Without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet.

#1: Achievement in lighting.

This award goes to those who test their webcam before entering a call. Fixing poor lighting is intuitive. Too dark? Turn on a light. Too bright? Close a curtain. However it’s worth taking a second to check yourself in that black mirror before jumping into a call.

Low light can result in video being grainy, while too much will wash you out. Unless it’s a photoshoot, you’re best off with a soft light coming from the side.

And the award doesn’t go to… People that sit with a light source directly behind them. It’s like talking to a silhouette.

#2: Best use of sound.

We present this award to those with an awareness of the mute function. We’ve all been in a situation where someone, who perhaps isn’t even talking, is bleeding background noise into the call. Some noises are clearly more obnoxious than others, but it’s best practice to mute your feed when you aren’t contributing.

For laptop users, it’s also worth mentioning that most headphones these days come with in-built microphones. Even cheap pairs are sometimes better at isolating your voice than those built into laptop webcams

And the award doesn’t go to… People with grandfather clocks in their studies.

#3: Best supporting actor.

This award goes to everyone who is yet to become a viral sensation when their kids run into the room while on the 10 o’clock news. Of course you can ensure you’ll be uninterrupted, but it’s important to inform those you live with of important meetings ahead of time. It’s respectful if you’re taking up communal space and goes some way to make sure you aren’t disturbed.

And the award doesn’t go to… It’s worth seeing one more time.

#4: Outstanding cinematography.

For their achievements in camerawork, we present this award to those who sit in the middle of the frame. Similarly to lighting, poor framing can be quickly addressed pre-call, yet there still seem to be a shocking amount of nostrils or bald patches on show.

When checking for lighting, frame your webcam with yourself front and centre. Not only is there the benefit of sitting in a comfortable, natural and flattering position, but you won’t cause a distraction.

It’s also worth taking notice of what else is in your frame. Your background should be plain and inoffensive. That means make your bed if you’re working out of your room.

And the award doesn’t go to… people who decide to walk around on conference calls. Not only have you ruined your frame, you’ve given everyone else the spins.

#5: Excellence in costume.

Our final award of the night goes to those still committed to wearing clothes that need ironing. While dressing down will do for some remote work, virtual meetings should be treated the same as face to face meetings. Showing up your pyjamas or activewear doesn’t scream professionalism. Dressing up then back down is also a nice way to differentiate work and personal time at the end of the day.

For inspiration we’ve got a guide to the hottest home outfits this season.

And the award doesn’t go to… anyone who dresses smart from the belt up only. How are you planning on spending those 12 seconds you saved by not putting on trousers?

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