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Poor connectivity is the enemy of productivity.

When you can’t connect to the outside world, it’s impossible to do business.

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Understanding the challenge

Productivity is a major challenge for British businesses and our research showed that businesses lost 60 million hours of productive time to internet outages in 2018. When you’re unable to reliably connect with suppliers and customers, you lose the ability to do business.

And as businesses start to rely more heavily on the cloud not only for the storage of data but as a platform for hosting their business critical applications, an internet outage may cause work to grind to a complete halt.

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How we help

Beaming can help you streamline processes, speed up the fundamentals of your daily routine and avoid costly downtime. See below for some of the ways we can help you to maintain and increase productivity.

‘Any downtime for a business now hits the bottom line. If you are offline, your ability to transact is affected.’
Sonia Blizzard, Managing Director, Beaming

Products & services to help with productivity

UK businesses lost 60M hours of productivity in 2018

And it was all due to internet outages.

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