What do you need when you visit a data centre?


What do you need for a data centre installation: Top 10 things to take with you

Posted on 19 April 2017 by Beaming Support

Using our experience working in data centres we thought we’d help you work out what do you need for a data centre installation by compiling a list of our top 10 things to take with us when we’re working at, installing equipment in or just visiting a data centre:

1. Identification – What do you need for a data centre installation? The most important and top of our list is photo I.D. Data centres will not allow you on site without the correct form of identification such as a passport or driving licence. Make sure they are genuine and in date!

2. Screwdrivers – Always take screwdrivers! Used for installing and removing equipment secured by cage nuts.

3. Custom cable tools – Snips, Cyclops cable stripper, crimps and finally but most importantly… a cable tester. These are all absolutely essential for any custom cable lengths you may need to run to keep your rack space tidy.

4. Custom length cable – what use would the tools be without the cable.

5. Console/rollover cable – Ideal for using to configure routers, switches etc when on site.

6. Velcro cable ties – Always handy to have a bunch of these available to keep your patching and cabling tidy so any maintenance can be done with ease.

7. A laptop – Just in case you have any last minute configuration to be made or changed.

8. Refreshments – Who knows how long you might be at a data centre when installing equipment? Food and drink are essential to keep you going long into the night should it be needed. Also remember some change as most data centres will at least have some vending machines to purchase food and drink.

9. Mobile phone – Not all data centres allow the use of a mobile phone while working in the rack space however you may find you need to call a colleague for some remote assistance so best take one anyway.

10. Time – Not really something you can take with you but allow plenty of time to get the job done. There is nothing worse than plugging everything in, cable tidying everything neatly then admiring your work then getting back to the office only to find out a patch lead isn’t quite plugged in properly.


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